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We are We-Guild. We are based in London and we are in charge of the treatment of your personal data collected through our websites: – referred as “The Website” or “The Web” from this point of the text onwards.
You can contact us to discuss any concern about this privacy policy at


What is the purpose of the treatment of your personal data? At We-Guild, we will process your data collected through The Website with the following purposes:

  • In the case that you contract services or products offered on The Website, to keep the contractual relationship, as well as managing, administering, informing, improving and delivering the service or product.
  • To send you any information requested through the different registration forms you can find on The Website – including, but not limited to ebook downloads, free resources, etc.
  • To send you newsletters and commercial communications including promotions and advertising from The Website and from fellow businesses that could be of interest to you.

You can opt-out of commercial communications at any time by any means, writing an email to the email address stated above.
In order to carry out the purposes of the data collection mentioned above, you will be required to fill in all the fields in the registration forms, if you do not do it, it will be impossible for We-Guild to carry out those purposes.


The personal data that you provide will be kept for as long as a commercial relationship exists between you and We-Guild, and for as long as there is a legal responsibility can be originating from the services received by you.


The treatment of your data is done under the following legal bases that qualify the mentioned treatment:

  • The request of information and/or services from We-Guild, whose Terms and Conditions will be at your disposal in every case before any eventual contract.
  • Under your free will and with specific, informed and unequivocal consent derived of having read this Privacy Policy that you have full and unrestricted access to. If after reading this Privacy Policy you agree with its terms, you accept these with a clear affirmative action, such as checking a checkbox in a subscription form when you register.

If the required data is not provided, or if any data is incorrect or incomplete, we will not be able to deal with your request, and it will not be possible for us to provide the requested information or services.


Your data will not be shared with third parties, except in the case of a legal requirement from the authorities.

As the people responsible for the treatment of your data, we use the following services which are committed to act according to the current data protection laws:

Active Campaign, to manage the contacts and the email campaigns.
Active Campaign Privacy Policy:
Active Campaign Terms of Service:

The personal data provided through the forms on The Website are used to provide the services as well as to send information or commercial communication via the software described. Your data is introduced and transferred to Active Campaign’s servers, which are based in the United States.

The above international transfer is consented and accepted by the user of The Website by accepting this Privacy Policy.
SiteGround, as a hosting platform.

Both Active Campaign and Google work under the Privacy Shield agreement and are committed to manage the data coming from the European Union as stated in the Privacy Shield Agreement. You can read more about this here:
You can check the Privacy Shield Active Status of Active Campaign here:
You can also check the Privacy Shield Active Status of Google here:
If you use Facebook/Instagram and you are a subscriber of our newsletter you may also see promotions and advertisements of We-Guild’s services on these Social Networks.


As the owner and interested person of your Personal Data, you have the right to know how the company is using your data.
Following Data Protection laws, you have the following rights:

  • Right to ACCESS to your Personal Data.
  • Right to RECTIFICATION of your inexact data.
  • Right to REMOVAL of your Data when, amongst other reasons, your data is not needed anymore for the purposes your data was collected.
  • In some circumstances you could ask for the LIMITATION of the TREATMENT of your data. In this case we will conserve your data to defend the possible complaints.
  • In some circumstances and for reasons related to your specific situation, you have the right to OPPOSITION. IWe will stop using your data, except in the case of major legal reasons or to defend complaints.
  • In some circumstances and for reasons related to your specific situation, you have the right to PORTABILITY of your data.

You can exercise your rights by contacting We-Guild at

In addition to this, and should your data rights have been violated, you have the right to complain to the authority for data protection issues.
Here your have to examples of public bodies where you can raise your complaint:

• In the United Kingdom: Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Website:

We will be grateful if you contacted us before raising any complaint and let us know of any problems you may have detected so that we are able to offer a solution and/or rectify any issues you may have.
If you have reached this point in the document, it means that you are concerned about your data as much as we are and we love that 🙂

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