how it works

Play with this ‘interactive slide-show’ to get to grips with how We-Guild works. Have fun!

Take a look at these slides to get to grips with how We-Guild works more in detail.
And check the more interactive version on desktop mode!

1) Let’s start with the same network as before.

2) First we’ll get you in the middle,

3) and highlight your friends area.

4) In We-Guild you also connect to your friends’ friends, whom we’ll call your far friends.

5) And when any friend asks for help… (same as before)

6) You help if you can. This time with £15.
(Others friends can help too, but you actually only see what happens between you and your network.)

7) Your friend has glowed in blue since you helped them… (you too but that later) and that is because you’ve so far helped them more than they’ve helped you.

8) The info banner of that friend shows your help exchanges with them.

9) You can trigger anyone’s info banner by clicking on them.
(Though mostly everyone is in grey as grey means ‘no exchanges yet’.)

10) Now it’s you who needs help, remember?

11) And close and far friends help you if they can.

12) Clicking on any of them shows what their info-banners look like now.
And clicking on yourself shows your info-banner with the whole network.

13) As more help exchanges happen your network will change colours accordingly.

14) This way you can intuitively assess your relation to your network at any time.

15) And now that you know how it works…

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Missing some mutual aid
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Let’s change that together.
We-Guild is a financial mutual-aid platform based on trust and transparency.

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