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We-Guild's principles

Slow social.
No constant notifications to feed your addictive dopamine circuits.

You’ll only get the important ones: when your friends need help, and when a friend has helped you. You choose when to interact.

No taboos around money.
Just ask for it!
Why do we struggle to ask for help (money!) when we need it? Self sufficiency, individualism, keeping up appearances – these have been programmed into us;  but they are not hard-wired. Why not challenge a culture which may actually be working against us?

Full transparency and accountability.
Numbers don’t lie
You’ll be able to see at each stage in which direction the help (money!) is flowing. Check out How It Works to see how.

We are all equal.
We are a multi-stake holder co-operative
This means we have an equal say and share in whatever happens within We-Guild.

Everyone has a say.
You are also a member!
From the moment you decide to join you’ll always have a say in what happens in We-Guild. You might not be part of the decision making team, but rest assured, your opinion is listened to and taken seriously.

There is no negative and positive, no good and bad (not even ugly!). This is why in our platform we don’t use the red and green colour code. Instead, we choose to use a beautiful scale of turquoise to indicate where the help balance is (more about this in the How it Works section).

We are humans and make mistakes.
But when we realise we do our best to fix them and prevent the same issue from happening again. We just want to do it better.

The We-Guild web app is built in such a way that each user knows how much they have helped others and how much others have helped them (check out our How it Works section to dive deeper into this). Our platform will allow you to get financial help from your friends and friends of friends whenever you need to, with full transparency.


These are just some examples in which you could use the We-Guild support network:

  • Freelancer, sick for one week and can’t pay rent? Ask for help!
  • Have a cash flow issue to pay the graphic design of your new website? Ask for help!
  • Broken tools, broken computer, broken stuff
  • Fines
  • Anything preventing you from continuing your freelance business

The We-Guild platform uses technology to revolutionize the way we help others and we ask for help.
We know you might have a lot of questions (we also had several, as we love to question ourselves). Some of those questions have already been answered in our FAQ section (this project has been brewing for a couple of years!).

Go and check it out!

The We-Guild Manifesto

The Environmental crisis and
the Capitalist-Individualistic System

The Environmental crisis and the Capitalist-Individualistic System

We’re currently facing environmental collapse and ever-growing social inequality.
Individualistic/market-based approaches not only failed to solve the former problem but continue to make it worse. As for the latter, much as it is at least beginning to be acknowledged by mainstream society as a serious issue that underpins many of society’s woes, it is nevertheless still predominantly seen as nothing more than an undesirable side effect of our current socio-economic system.

These two issues are both consequences of the relentless profit-extraction drive that is glorified in our cultures and societies. This drive continues to externalise every possible cost for a profit, putting on sale anything of value to a distant and emotionally detached shareholder, while we continue to approach the point of no return.

This is the biggest tragedy of the commons humanity has ever encountered and we need to, at the very least as individuals, start thinking in bigger and more collective terms.

We-Guild changing the social paradigm

A paradigm shift is necessary. We-Guild aims to help people take a step in that direction in order to feel the benefits and potential of such a shift.

We-Guild will offer people a platform where they can individually and voluntarily agree to collectivise resources.

Designed in a way that minimises free-riding through an emphasis on transparency and accountability (and thus aligning the interests of all of those involved), the goal is to enable people to understand and feel the responsibility and potential that comes when we arrange both ourselves and our resources in a collective way.

We-Guild does this by subverting the traditional wealth-extracting models that sadly seem to be the norm. Understanding that the end and the means are the same thing, it does not to exacerbate the problem of social inequality, but rather, provides a viable alternative while fulfilling its ultimate aim – that of enabling people to voluntarily join forces and resources in a way that stands up to the challenges of our time.

Guillermo Justel Orellana
January 2019

Wanna know about the people behind We-Guild?

Go to Team to find out all about them.

Wanna know about the people behind We-Guild?

Go to Team to find out all about them.

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We-Guild is a financial mutual-aid platform based on trust and transparency.

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