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for people who believe in a world of co-operation and equality.

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Trust, Transparency and Safety Networks for the Digital Age

We-Guild started as a way for self employed people to absorb financial blows through the power of community. But we thought that our platform could be a really good tool for students and other collectives as well. As long as you believe and practice solidarity, you are welcome.

We-Guild is a network of mutual support where everyone you trust chips in when you need it and where you chip in for them when they need it. We-Guild is based on trust and transparency.

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…and don’t worry. We’ll explain what everything means real soon.

A taboo breaker.
A social change in the making.

We-Guild is a taboo breaker: Money talk is the new trend!

We aim to encourage sharing and caring for the benefit of everyone involved, and for that you’ll need to be open to talk about money, either asking for it or gifting it to your friends.

is a project in the making and it needs your support to become a reality.
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…and don’t worry. We’ll explain what everything means real soon.

We-Guild is you, your friends, your friends' friends.
The power of community.

Let’s make We-Guild a real alternative together!

With our carefully designed, user-friendly platform you’ll see the flow of money between you and your network of trusted people at a glance.

We’ll soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign and we need your help to reach the next stage. Join the newsletter now to be part of the change.

Curious about how it works?

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How it works

1) Connect with people that you know and trust
2) So you form a network
3) Sometimes your friends will ask for help
4) And you and others help if you can
5) Sometimes you need help
6) Others will help if they can
7) And your network will change colours accordingly
(more on this on How it works)

"Unless men are maddened in the battlefield, they 'cannot stand it' to hear appeals for help and not to respond to them. The hero goes; and what the hero does, all feel that they ought to have done as well.

Because the mutual-aid feeling has been nurtured by thousands of years of human social life and hundreds of thousands of years of pre-human life in societies."

Peter Kropotkin, 'Mutual Aid' 1902

Your network

Celina has now made some new friends and this is what her network looks like after some time helping each other.
Go on, play with it to see how it works!

(still got some questions? Check the How it works or FAQ to find out)



You’ve helped them more than they’ve helped you


You’ve helped each other more or less the same


They’ve helped you more than you’ve helped them

And SIZE denotes total exchanged

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